Author: André Obelink (Host) Created: 13-12-2008 23:17
Visual Basic

Visual Basic 11 – Iterators

One of the language changes introduced in Visual Basic 11 to support the asynchronous programming model are Iterators. An Iterator is a construct to return already results to the calling procedure when still in a loop.

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Use a lambda to find an item in a Generic List

The use of lamdas is not new for Visual Basic 2010. In previous versions – actually with the introduction of LINQ – were they already available. In the latest version lambdas are enhanced mainly in two areas: multiline lamdas are now supported as well the use of the keyword Function(). The fact that a lambda can return a value could be very handy. In this post I will show you - illustrated with an example - the use of Function() type of lambda in combination with a Generic List

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Great Visual Basic content at Dutch DevDays 2009!

In about two weeks from now the biggest Dutch Developer Conference - Microsoft DevDays 2009 - will start. Jonathan Aneja, Program Manager on the Visual Basic team at Microsoft will do two great sessions: Future Directions for Microsoft Visual Basic and How LINQ works: Visual Basic 2008 Deep Dive.

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Enumerations to strings and vice versa

Enumerations can help you to make your code more consistent and better readable. Learn some best practices for using the standard enumerations or your own enumerations.

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.NET 3.5 typed DataSets differs from .NET 2.0 typed DataSets?!

Yesterday a colleague encountered a strange behavior of Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition in combination with Typed DataSets. When talking about targeting older .NET platforms, the Express Edition of Visual Basic 2008 is not so well suited as the full versions of Visual Basic.

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